As a top digital marketing company in Redding, Calif., mcormc corporation has become quite familiar with our competitors in Shasta County and surrounding communities.

Two key characteristics among the majority of digital marketing agencies in our area is overcharging for services and delivering underwhelming results. For example, many sell white-labeled hosting services and put a markup on their prices for space on inferior servers. If you seek higher performance for a better price, you’d be better off with a trusted hosting provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). While we don’t make a commission from AWS, we recommend it for domain management and hosting simple because AWS provides premium performance at lower costs for our clients.

Beyond that, if you seek help with your online presence, you should look for the following signs to identify the best digital marketing agencies in Redding, Calif.

Top digital marketing companies prioritize your return on investment

Whether you’re in search of help with website optimization, social media marketing, search engine optimization or email newsletters, a digital marketing company that cares about your return on investment is a clear sign of a successful agency. After all, the end-goal of marketing is to generate more revenue. Accordingly, the best digital marketing companies focus on revenue generation for their clients instead of themselves.

Premier digital marketing agencies have several references

You should always ask for references whenever you’re considering a digital marketing company to help you with any project. Successful agencies that specialize in web design, Facebook marketing and advertising, Google Ads and other services should have a list of current and previous clients who are able to provide valuable insight to you on their experiences. 

Every top digital marketer has a custom strategy for your business

Developing a target persona, identifying the customer’s journey and setting up a purchasing funnel are all key services provided by top-rated digital marketing firms, which tailor said services directly to your business. With a digital marketing strategy crafted by the pros for your model, generating leads online becomes much more practical. At mcormc corporation, we leverage your website and Facebook Page, as well as Google Ads and email newsletters to create new business and develop recurring revenue steams.

The best digital marketing specialists use SMART objectives

To be effective, digital marketing objectives must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-phased (SMART). When we start a project with a client, we develop these objectives to define your targeted outcome. A SMART marketing objective specifies your goal, measures your marketing effort, targets an achievable and a relevant outcome, and identifies a timeline. Here’s an example: “Generate $10,000 in revenue through Facebook advertising campaigns July 1-31.”

All of the best online marketing companies operate with integrity

The world’s best companies are typically the most trusted companies. Understanding that business is about relationships can make a good digital marketing agency a great digital marketing agency. At mcormc corp., we aim to build trusted relationships with our clients through integrity, hard work and successful results. Whether you have a single project or long-term plan, or simply seek advice, we want to hear about your idea and help you achieve your goals.

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