Customer journey

customer journey

Our end-to-end lead-generation service starts with the mapping of your customer’s journey to do business with you. This customer journey spans five steps: awareness (how & when your customer becomes aware of your business), interest (when your customer is interested in your business), desire (when your customer wants what you have to offer), action (when your customer is ready to take action) & post action (how your business interacts with your customer after her or his action). At mcormc corporation, we map your customer journey to marketing channels tailored to both your business offerings & your ideal customer. 

buyer persona

A buyer persona is a fictional character summarizing & communicating key characteristics of your ideal customer. Our development of a buyer persona specifically designed for your business, products or services stems from backgrounds, demographics, hobbies, needs, goals & barriers of your current customers, as well as your qualified prospects. To address their emotions, we also create empathy maps. These empathy maps have four quadrants: thinking, seeing, doing & feeling.



A marketing funnel—also known as a purchase funnel, a purchasing funnel or sales funnel—is a model used by your business to deliver personalized marketing to your buyer persona along your customer’s journey. We design your marketing funnel with three primary components: your website, social media accounts & email newsletters. With these three tools, we facilitate the customer journey from the awareness through the post action stages.

conversion & retention

With the execution of a pragmatic plan, turning leads into customers is practical. First, we optimize your website for conversions to foster successful scaling. Second, we cover the awareness & interest steps in the customer journey with calls to action & engaging content, compelling your customers to interact with your brand & visit your website. When your site is optimized for conversions, visitors develop desire for your products & services, & subsequently take action. After such action, we leverage email marketing to stay in touch with current customers & develop recurring revenue for your business.