Marketing leadership

As a contract marketing director, I help ecommerce entrepreneurs grow their businesses through innovative marketing systems, strategies and tools.

Marketing strategy

I’ll help you harmonize your unit economics, customer journey, marketing mix, branding and tech stack. We’ll drive profitable growth with optimized cost and revenue balance, and improve customer experiences for increased loyalty and repeat business.



I’ll help you accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and develop on-the-money forecasting. You’ll gain deep insights into which strategies yield the best returns, optimizing your marketing efficiency ratio and maximizing your return.


I’ll help you get the right marketing personnel on the bus, ranging from outsourced services to internal team members. We’ll ensure that every individual and entity involved in your marketing efforts is fully aligned with your business goals, operating at peak efficiency. 

Work with me

Looking for help with your marketing strategy? I’d love to learn more about your vision and the problems you’re trying to solve.